Noemi Cummings

  • Executive Officer

Languages: Spanish, Italian

Kate McInnes

  • Manager of Education and Community Services

Languages: Spanish, Arabic

Sylvia Phan

  • Employment Program Officer

Languages: Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Hakka, Hokkien, Bahasa Indonesia

Alonso Navarro

  • Community Development Worker
    (International Student Support)

Languages: Spanish Phone: 5441 6644

Ellie Akbari

  • Community Development Worker
    (Women's Group and Driving Program)

Languages: Farsi, Dari, Hazara

Moo Wah

  • Community Development Worker
    (Karen Seniors Support Group)

Languages: Karen
Phone: 5441 6644

Nasrin Shah Naaz

  • Community Development Worker

Languages: Bengali

Nathan Wingrave

  • Reception and digital media

Languages: German

Ella Harrison

  • Reception

Rose Vincent

  • Project officer

Phone: 5441 6644

Robyn Spandonide

  • Trainer

Phone: 5441 6644


Radio, blog writing, photography, grant writing, program support


website building and support